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Woodbender is an improvisational and exploratory music project consisting of Martijn Pieck (aka Cinema Perdu) - modulair synths, field recordings & (alias) Jon Unger - guitars & effects, field recordings. They have been working with a variety of sound sources since they started their collaboration in 2011. Their output has been released on various labels and is inspired by music, sounds and architecture to project the internal. Currently, they focus on live improvisation in or outside the public domain, exploring all kinds of analog and digital means to express their original approach on immersive and spatial soundscapes. They are prepared to play in venues with a cultural and artistic definition and can be booked.

woodbender / Bandcamp


Woodbender is

Martijn Pieck
Solo releases as Cinema Perdu and Martijn Pieck, among others on Moving Furniture Records, Taalem, Raubbau, AVA, Wool-E.

Philipp B├╝ckle: releases on Moving Furniture Records, Whitelab Recs.
The [law rah] collective: releases on Fario, Antzen, Raubbau, Taalem, Wool-E.

And also:
Interactive music machine: an audience controlled installation, music for film and theatre.

(Alias) Jon Unger:
Solo releases on Taalem, AVA, Wool-E, IFAR.
Collaborations under various pseudonyms with (video) artists and film makers.

Martijn Pieck / Website    Martijn Pieck / Bandcamp
Jon Unger / Bandcamp
For info and bookings please sent an email (info@woodbender.nl).