Woodbender is Jon Unger (guitars, sounddesign, composer, audio engineer) and Martijn Pieck (modular synth, sounddesign, composer)
We make composed music as well as improvised music.

As we want to give ourself musical freedom in the broadest sense, we don't talk a lot about the meaning of our music.
That said, it's not at all random, we have a corresponding sense of aesthetic and we know how we want to express our thoughts.

contact: info@woodbender.nl

Releases (Composed work)
- The Fountain A Conduit (Cassette + download)
- Coincidences (Cassette)
- Blue Ruins Under Yellow Skies (Woodbender, Cinema Perdu, The [Law-Rah] Collective) (Cassette)

Sessions (Improvisations)
..... thinking of a way to offer the improvisations .....